New Three Toed Sloth

Introducing our newest Critter.. The Three Toed Sloth! I have to say, I am totally in love with him. Just look at that smile! Handmade with love & of quality, soft Eco-friendly fibers. 

On his back is a red heart.. ready to be personalized with your sweetheart's initials!

In honor of our new Sloth I thought I'd share a few of my favorite Three Toed beauties from Etsy. 

  1. Winter Smoke makes this fab print. Also lovely is their Red Squirrel print. 
  2. We are in LOVE with all the prints at Lulu Froot. Hard to choose a favorite!
  3. Catbird Creatures makes an adorable Sloth tote bag. Too Cute!
  4. Pop some bottles with this awesome bottle opener by Berkley Illustration.
  5. Laura George illustrations will make you squeal with delight. I really need this on my wall!
  6. This adorable Sloth pendent by Open Spring is just one of the many must-have items in their shop.  

I hope you all are inspired & filled with love for the Three Toed Sloth.. now go support Handmade :)